hg8868皇冠国际 Announces New Ultra Low Attachment Spheroid Plates

Posted on September 14, 2023 |
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Today, hg8868皇冠国际 has announced that it has added Ultra Low Attachment (ULA) Spheroid Plates to its diverse selection of cultureware for use in advanced spheroid cell culture applications. The plates are made available through a partnership with faCellitate and sold under the BIOFLOAT™ brand as both 96-well and 384-well plates. The BIOFLOAT plates are available in hg8868皇冠国际’s online store and will also be integrated into new hg8868皇冠国际 Tissue Models currently in the research and development process.

hg8868皇冠国际’s core mission is to reduce the use of animals in research by providing researchers with human-relevant in vitro models and products. The addition of ULA Spheroid Plates to hg8868皇冠国际’s products enables researchers to generate their own advanced cell culture models quickly and easily within their labs.

ULA Spheroid Plates provide an easy-to-use platform for generating 3D cell culture models that does not require specialized equipment or the use of cell culture amendments such as magnetic particles. Generating spheroids in ULA plates is as simple as adding cells and waiting for the cells to aggregate into a three-dimensional construct where the whole process can be easily automated. “Our approach to cell culture is always to incur the least amount of interference with natural cellular behavior to achieve a human-relevant model,” said hg8868皇冠国际’s CEO Alex Armento. “The appeal of the BIOFLOAT technology is that it does not require mechanical or chemical interference, it simply allows the cells to behave naturally while achieving spheroid formation.”

Typically, spheroid formation takes between 2 and 24 hours, depending on the cell line or cell time. These spheroids are also highly reproducible and valuable tools for preclinical research. The hg8868皇冠国际 team has demonstrated that the plates are widely applicable with multiple different types of cells and has ensured that the plates are amenable for automation and high content imaging.

Visit hg8868皇冠国际’s website to learn more or to place an order.


About hg8868皇冠国际 Life Sciences

Founded in 1985, hg8868皇冠国际 Life Sciences began producing three-dimensional human tissue models as reliable replacements for animal testing. hg8868皇冠国际’s physiologically advanced tissue models empower companies in the cosmetics, chemical, and pharmaceutical industries to achieve their goals of non-animal testing while lowering preclinical costs and providing human-relevant results. With locations in the US and Europe, today hg8868皇冠国际’s offerings include skin, eye, oral, respiratory, vaginal, and intestinal tissue models including disease modeling, validated, and custom testing services, multiple donor primary cells, culture media, and highly optical culture ware.


About faCellitate

faCellitate is a venture that originated from BASF’s incubator, Chemovator, and it provides interactive consumables for advanced cell technologies and regenerative medicine in the 3D cell culture market. Its unique polymeric platform aims at supporting cancer and stem cell research, drug discovery, toxicology and tissue engineering. With faCellitate polymers you can create fully synthetic, biologically relevant environments, and easily add function to your surface. The platform facilitates cellular interaction, significantly improving the cell culture in biological research. The chemically defined, intelligent surface coatings bind to plastic and glass surfaces without any chemical reaction. The invisible, smart surface obtained can be used to create cellular niches, study molecular interactions, or for simply reducing the background noise. Choose any bio tags to make your surface smart and responsive and save time thanks to a ready-to-use handling.

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